TVHandbook is momentarily on hiatus -- until we come back, I've left this page with my TV-related bookmarks, in case what you are looking for could be found in one of them.

TV Squad
The TV blog of the Weblogs Inc. blogs network.

TV Guide
TV listings & news.
Episodes guides, cast, summaries of episodes, user-voted scores and reviews.
A simpler way to reach the's page you want. Or a titles-only episode guide.
A smaller, but very funny, collaborative blog about TV, online since 1996. Quality in writing is quite high. "Their country trained them to kill. Now The Vidiots kill time by writing about television at TeeVee has been online since September 1996. Thatís kind of sad, when you think about it."
Spoilers for the main current shows.

Television Without Pity
Recaps of TV shows, with healthy doses of irony: "Spare the snark, spoil the networks".

TWOP forums
The forums for Television Without Pity.